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1 bad thing

I think the most annoying thing is the transition between bubbles. I mean, i want to stay in that bubble, but thing is so fast that it throws me to other bubble. u should find a solution fer that + another annoying thing is having 3 shots slower than 1 shot itself. It should be upgradable only maybe for fighter but it has to be upgradable! 9/10 & 5/5...

Problemmatic Mouse

I was about to give 8-9 stars,but this mouse thing annoyed me incredibly especially through to the end. Since we cannot see the mouse (or crosshair) i accidentally click elsewhere and another page opens where it sabotages my game XD Anyways, its a good game, but i think you better look at this thing in your sequel (or any other game you decide to build:D) Thats why 7 stars

Stunning and Creative

I can only thank you for this. Very good music, very creative gameplay, very simple context, very soft graphics, lots of "very" features there are... I am impressed. This totally deserves 10 stars.

I simlpy dont like it

5 stars cuz you have put up a great work.
Couldnt open other 3.
1st game is too annoying in my opinion. Life concept didnt work out. the most annoying thing there is movements last for 0,5 second. I want to stay crouching as long as i press down.
2nd game is a hard mouse avoider which i didnt like at all
3rd game is a classic rhythm-press button style. Not creative, and has many copies around. Yet you have put a good effort, thats why i had to give at least 5

rolling head!

shit, it really scared me for a moment=)

Simplest and cutest!

most entertaining game=) yet maybe check point system could be added, and i didnt understand the dna upgrade system=) But really good work. Keep it up!=)

Newgrounds ain't the place for zooken

that's why i give 1 star. I like zoeken actually and this is a much funnier version of it=) Yet, as criticized for zooken, it has a loser point that although one goes perfect, you lose. If you had made that(for a classical zooken) clown cries out when scalpel reaches a certain point, it'd be much better. Anyways, it's good for it's genre, yet that genre does not belong here, so 1 star

Nice idea, hard levels

First of all i must say that musics are really good, it makes one keep playing until he really gets annoyed with the difficulty:D but there seems to be a problem with the push and pull forces (or it is really like this in atomic sense:D), yet makes no difference since this is a game and is meant to have fun where a difficulty ladder should be present through levels.

And a suggestion for improvement:

When trace is on, make it last until the next "go". I mean, I'd like to insert new charges according to the trace and when i "stop" trace wears off and I can adjust my charges by what i remember of the trace line. In short, if you make the trace line last until next run (not when "stop" is clicked), it'd help much more.

I hate "need torestart" positions

Game is really good, idea is practiced very cutely and game keeps getting played UNTIL one reaches a level where he must do it right or has to start from beginning! I was thinking about giving 8 or 9 stars, but this thing drives me insane! For example, in level 14, only thing you need to put is a pass at the bottom of the hill. why wouldnt ye? That mentality made me cut 5-6 points. Other than that, really nice game=)

Not bad

Game is fun obviously, but there are too many non-relevant details + mouse pointer better change if a thing is "usable". We better be able to turn off the sound=) I dunno, it was a good game, and it's length was ideal. Good work.

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